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Robert Red English

Freelance Systems Administrator, Programmer, and Web Developer

An Introduction

I'm a Systems Administrator, Programmer, and Web Developer, and I've been one for quite a few years... I do most of my work in DevOps and Systems Administration, But along the road I've become great at other things as well, So if you're looking for someone who to manage your servers, write you a few applications, or make you a website or an API, I'm your guy. I'm also great for helping you get your project on track, as I'm also avaliable to do consulting.

My previous work

For the moment this section is incomplete! The website itself is still a little bit of a work in progress.
This will fill out when I create a proper design for it.

My Github is avaliable at

* Popcorn Time - Developer, Automation, and PR
* Sauropod Studios / Castle Story - Backend Authentification Server, Systems Administration
* Quik - API Design and Programming, Authentification server
* Gates of Ender - Server Administration, Website Development, Management
* Snoonet IRC - Server Administration, IRC Operator

Want to work together?

It's amazingly easy to reach me...

You can contact me via email, at
Or if you prefer instant messaging, Skype as KsaRedFx and IRC on Freenode with the same name
My phone number is also avaliable upon request